Wedding Ceremony or Civil Partnership

In England currently the law is that a wedding celebrant can officiate a wedding but the legal element must still be conducted by a registrar.

The legal part at the registry office can be undertaken either before or after the ceremony but the most important part is that you can have your choice of ceremony at a venue of your choosing when ever you wish.

I will write and perform what is one of the most important elements of your wedding day. Unlike holding your ceremony in a licensed venue or a registry office as a celebrant and member of UKSOC your  ceremony will be exactly as you wish, it will be uniquely yours, your venue, your style, your choice of readings, poems and music.

It can be either religious or non-religious and can include additional special elements including hand fasting, unity candles and wine/drink ceremonies. Friends and family can also be involved if you wish, there are even some special elements that can include your pet should you wish to do so.  Indoors or outdoors even in the comfort of your own home there is no legal requirement to be licensed so the choice is yours.

I can help you with suggestions for readings, poems and songs.  I will also help you with writing your vows should you wish me to do so.

The choices are endless and I would love to help you create your own bespoke Perfect Ceremony, your day, your way.

Wine Ceremony

Two small bottles of wine are poured into a glass by the couple or chosen representatives.  The liquids are then mixed to make a combined drink that the couple then drink. Suggest one white and one red, symbolises the joining together of two separate parts to create a new whole.

Hand Fasting

Handfasting is traditionally used in pagan ceremonies but today the handfasting is more literal, a couple will bind their hands together during a wedding ceremony ( before, after or during their vows ) often to symbolize their unity and devotion to each other.

Unity Candle Ceremony

Usually consists of three candles, the bride and groom will light the centre candle from the other two. The three candles remain lit, one for each of them and one for the unity of their new family and as a sign of their commitment to each other and to a lasting and loving marriage.

There are lots of other elements that can be incorporated into your ceremony and I look forward to sharing these with you when we meet.