Naming Ceremony

A naming ceremony is an alternative to a religious christening.

Ceremonies can be held in a venue or a place of your choosing to give the child his or her chosen name and to welcome your child in to the world or into your family. A naming ceremony can be for a child of any age or perhaps following the adoption of a child or stepchild.

This bespoke ceremony can incorporate friends and family members who will pledge their love and support to the child by becoming    mentors or life guardians to carry out the role of the traditional god parents.

Promises, poems, readings and music can be included as well as other elements such as tree planting or a sand ceremony.

Gifts are often bestowed to the child by parents or grandparents during the ceremony.

Keepsakes such as  parchment certificates are given to the parents and can also be given to grandparents and mentors, if you wish too.

I would welcome the opportunity to work together with you to craft your Perfect Ceremony.

Tree Planting Ceremony

The planting of a tree to symbolise the growth of their relationship.  They would be able to watch the tree grow just as their union will grow.  The tree would be placed into a pre dug hole and the couple would then add a spade of earth each before other participates then  added a spade of earth making the roots strong and stable.

Sand Ceremony

The wedding sand ceremony expresses the coming together of two people or two families into one new family.   Typically, each person has different coloured sand and takes turns pouring it into one clear vessel, forming a layered effect. Sometimes just the couple participates, and sometimes the couple’s children or parents join in with their own coloured sand, adding to the layers of colours, and expressing the harmony of the entire family.

There are  a choice of other elements that can be incorporated into your naming  ceremony, I would be happy to discuss these with you when we meet.